Finoaura Data Center ensure customers to outsource their critical systems to us with complete peace of mind and enable them to focus on their core business while we take care of their IT infrastructure and other technology concern which is our core business. Finoaura Data Center delivers secure, reliable, and scalable hosting, network, application and consulting services to the customer.

We understand in today’s information age, secure data storage and zero downtime are vital. Our state-of-the-art hosting facilities provide the essential security, speed and reliability to get you online faster and ensure your servers are up and running safely at all times. Besides we are a carrier-neutral data center supporting multiple ISPs, so you get to choose your own carrier.

Finoaura Data Center, Colocation Services offers you the space, power, cooling and other related facilities to install and operate IT & Telecom equipment on a outsource model and this service does not include any procurement, installation or maintenance of any equipment owned by the customer.

The Hosted equipment may be connected to internet backbone of service provider or connected securely to company’s private corporate network through leased lines, FR/ATM/Circuits IP VPN’s, Dialup lines, Vsats.

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery, Organizations can be assured that their business-critical applications are safeguarded against attacks — and meet cloud compliance standards — so that they can continue to provide continuous, efficient and excellent service to their stakeholders.


Finoaura's Cloud customers are assured Security from web application attacks, brute force attacks and vulnerability scans. It’s no coincidence that cloud and Data Center industry are constantly under threat- Finoaura secure their applications and data while vigilantly identifying and mitigating potential security threats.


FINOAURA cloud Monitoring services provide key insights into performance history that empower customers to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Our scalable, flexible managed cloud backup solutions seamlessly address a security-rich means of protecting and retrieving their business-critical data assets. Finoaura's flexible managed cloud backup ,changes data footprints while maintaining compliance requirements


Data Centre Build and Maintain Services includes:

  • Data Center Consultancy
  • Data Center Migration
  • Data Center Facility Management
  • Data Center Build

Data Center Consultancy

Our Data Center's flexible design allows Scalable cost effective, quick to deploy adaptable and reliable hosting for any size requirement of our Client. Finoaura expertise guarantees to maximize IT performance and manage IT risk when hosting with us.

Finoaura’s in-depth expertise backs you up with 24*7 support, to better protect our client’s information, infrastructure, and other services are developed with the sole aim to meet client’s unique requirements. Expanding and building on our experience and expertise. We have certified Data Centre Professionals including Project Managers and Contractors who can build your Data Center from the ground up and provide Services to maintain your data center in a cost effective and timely manner. Our professionals will analyze your existing data center and project its growth—based on your business plan, computing environments and Finoaura's unique understanding of future computing technologies.

Data Center Migration

We facilitate and implement Data Migration from your present Farm, with critical down time planning, the aim of Migration some or all your Data center functions reduces incurring costs of yearly upgrades and maintenance, this again gives you flexibility future scalability and improves security

For Clients’ who like to do migration on their own, we offer support services and help them plan their migration to avoid ineffectiveness and reduce impact of down time on business operations. Engaging our services can result in avoiding significant loss of revenue, extended disruption of service and additional expense.

We at Finoaura offer you years of combined industry experience, strategies and cost-saving solutions that are straight forward. Finoaura has the required expertise to ensure that your migration is a success. In delivering our Data Center Migration services, we: Combine strong execution capabilities with deep industry insights and business process expertise to deliver fast migration results, with less risk and minimal impact to business operations.

Provide deep skills in data center technologies to help you execute a seamless transition meet your service level agreements and exceed your performance improvement objectives.

Leverage our alliances with leading hardware and software vendors to ensure ongoing support of your IT infrastructure, wherever it may be located.

Colocation facilities have the following properties not found in most commercial offices:

  • Multiple Carriers' links to the Internet
  • Backup power supplies
  • Climate controlled air conditioning
  • Raised floors for cabling
  • Electronic security systems
  • Availability of domain experts


Finoaura Data Center Colocation service offers you the Space, Power, Cooling and other related facilities to install and operate IT & telecom equipment on a outsource model. Colocation service does not include any procurement, installation or maintenance of equipment owned by the customer.

Finoaura Data Center, being an end-to-end service provider offers to its customer various value added service with colocation service. These services are designed to offer customers with their own control over equipment, which they can manage remotely through various connectivity options.

The Colocation Value Added Services offering:

CCTV with IP remote

Dedicated CCTV camera to monitor the different access point of customer hosted setup with logs provided on quarterly/ monthly basis. Also customers can remotely monitor their area from anywhere within the reach of the network

Plain/ Biometric Card Pad Reader

To facilitate additional level of security to customer specific facilities in Area base service. Customer can choose from plain or biometric card reader. In both the cases logs of data will be provided to the customer on quarterly/monthly basis.

Power meter

To know actual power consumption and take decisions to further optimize it.

Sitting Space

Sitting space offers the workstation either adjacent to the hosting area or in the vicinity within the campus to manage & monitor setup


Customer can mount its VSAT/ RF antenna on Finoaura Data Center rooftop after carrying out the feasibility with both service provider and data center. This service shall be extended to the customer on availability.

Store Space

Store Space is a raw rack space provided in stores area, without power or Network. The service is available in two variants

Regular Storage Space

Provided for regular requirement of customer and will be charged on recurring basis

Transit Storage space

Provided for transit requirement of customer during provisioning period and will be charged on usage basis i.e. area used and period of use


Finoaura Managed Private Cloud

Finoaura offers Managed Private Cloud, built on a single-tenant (dedicated) environment, powered by VMware or Azure Pack. Our certified cloud architects collaborate with clients to create custom private cloud solutions using our primary storage services and/or separately purchased customer storage. Finoaura allows organizations to take advantage of lower price points typically found in virtualization without placing their infrastructure in a shared environment.

FINOAURA Managed Public Cloud Finoaura

FINOAURA Managed Public Cloud offers unmatched security, flexibility and availability in multi-tenant (shared) environment, powered by VMware. Each virtual machine (VM) has its own operating system and set of easily customizable applications.

Dedicated Servers And Storage FINOAURA managed servers provide the availability and security that allows organizations to create a fully managed solution for their unique business requirements. Our managed storage solutions provide the availability and redundancy capabilities organizations need to safeguard their business-critical data assets.

FINOAURA Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

FINOAURA Database-as-a-Service provides leverage with the power of Microsoft SQL Server in a variety of architectures and service options. Choose from single-tenant instances or shared multi-tenant architecture to benefit from a superior database infrastructure combined with industry-leading cloud and database expertise – all backed by FINOAURA’s world-class security and support.

FINOAURA Managed DBA Services FINOAURA DBA experts average more than 15 years’ experience in a wide range of database environments. Whether handling “daily duties” or collaborating on strategic initiatives, FINOAURA DBAs provide unmatched expertise at a predictable, fixed monthly fee.

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